See all features the Fitness Alarm Clock offers to its users

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  • Set an unlimited amount of alarms

  • Set an alarm on a specific day of the week (e.g. alarms that are only active on the weekend or on work days)

  • Use a gentle/smooth alarm - it will start silent and get progressively louder until it reaches the maximum volume (in one and a half minute)

  • Pro tip: Tap on your screen while solving your alarm tasks to (temporarily) mute the music.

  • Set your own music for an alarm

  • Wake up check - 10 minutes after your alarm time, the alarm reminder will check whether or not you're awake. If you miss it and don't turn it off, the alarm will start again.
  • Wake up and work out! - choose from eight different types of tasks you can do in the morning.

Main Screen
Turn Lights On
Shake Phone
Run On The Spot
Move Phone Up And Down
Walk In A Circle

→ Light on - point your phone towards a light source (e.g. a light bulb or the sun).

→ Move it slowly or shake your phone

→ Move your phone up and down - As high and low as possible.

→ Walk in a left or right circle

→ Run on the spot

→ Scan a 2d code - e.g. a barcode or QR-code. Use this task to make yourself go to another room in the morning. This will wake you up quicker!

→ Phone call - If you want to, you can call someone (with whom you have discussed this) after all of the tasks are finished.


  • Write a motivational morning message you'll see after finishing the alarm tasks!

  • Choose one of five different text fonts in the settings

  • Use a vibration(+sound) alarm or just use your alarm sound

  • Choose to do the alarm tasks one after another or in a random order

  • Emergency stop - If you need to call an emergency number, you can press the "SOS" button on the top of the screen and stop all alarm tasks this way.

  • Press the time on the home screen of Fitari to see a bedclock

  • Or go to the settings to get a very detailed clock.

  • Use a flashlight alarm - it will use the light of your phone to wake you up.

  • Fitari does also offer the following mind tasks:

Translate the word
Geography quiz
Solve the equation
Type in captcha
Find the color

→ Language Vocabulary - Translate words correctly and learn a language in the process. Our dataset includes more than 12.000 frequently used words and phrases. That's enough to achieve "a near-native level of vocabulary, with the requisite words for talking about nearly any topic in detail" in many languages.

→ Geography Quiz - Test your knowledge of the world.

→ Math - Do some calculations and solve equations. Add, substract, multiply and divide.

→ Captcha - Type in a scrambled text or actual words to stop the alarm. Includes Emojis!

→ Color - You get a color name and have to pick the correct one.

→ Concentration - Challenge your memory in this game. Remember the position of the cards to solve it as quickly as possible!

Sleep Movements

  • You can wake up more comfortably during a light sleep phase - Fitari's sleep cycle tracking feature will measure your sleep movements and wake you up if it detects a lot of movement!

  • To use this feature, press the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock button and place your phone close to you on your mattress

  • Set a "REM sleep time" between 30 minutes and 2 hours, which is the time before your first alarm that Fitari will use to look for light sleep phases

  • Choose a larger sensitivity value (e.g. 95% instead of 90%) for the sensors for harder mattresses

  • If you want to wake up outside of a light sleep phase, choose "Remember dreams" instead of "Sleep well" - this will make it more likely that you wake up during a deep sleep phase and remember a dream. It isn't recommended to use this feature more often that twice a week. Because of that, this feature will automatically be turned off after being used successfully.

    Smart Alarm How to wake up relaxed

  • A detailed statistic showing your sleep movements will then be stored on your phone

  • If you want to view it on your phone, the feature "Smart Zoom" will automatically present the statistic in a more user-friendly way. You can turn it off or on in the settings.

  • You can export your sleep movement data as a .csv file and e.g. store it on your PC.

  • Choose between two different date formats: "13.11.2018" or "Nov 13 2018" as well as either a 12-hour clock (am/pm) or a 24 hour clock.


Homescreen widgets

Multiple app widgets are available for the Fitness Alarm Clock:

→ An alarm clock icon which changes its appearance based on the current date and time.

→ A stylish analog clock for your homescreen.

→ A button which directly starts recording sleep movements.

→ A widget which does always show the next active alarm, including its tasks.

Get these features with the Fitness Alarm Clock: