Personal Training

A new way of waking up

This app will change your morning routine

The unique feature of this alarm clock app is that the only easy way to turn it off is to stand up and do a number of fitness activities.

The motion sensors in your smartphone help detecting your movements.


Get out of bed

Fitari makes you do some exercise to turn off the alarm clock, and helps you with being your best in the morning.

You can choose as many alarms as you want, and decide on which days of the week they should be active, and which activities you want to do after stopping the alarm.

Phone With Fitari App

Wake up at the exact right time

Record your sleep movements and view the motion graphs on your phone

You'll be able to see light and deep sleep phases of the sleep cycle in your sleep statistics.
This app can wake you up during a light sleep phase (by detecting an increase of movements), improving your sleep quality.



Choose from a number of different workout tasks and features

Light activity

Light on

Wake up gently and relaxed. Turning on light in the morning will take you out of any deep sleep and let your body prepare to wake up, especially on dark winter mornings.

Move up and down activity

Up & down

Do some stretching! You will need to move your phone as high and low as possible to turn the alarm off.

2d code scan activity


Get up and scan a 2d code with your smartphone. This includes barcodes on products you have, QR-codes and more formats.

Run activity


The most challenging task the app offers! Run on the spot for a few seconds after waking up.

Rotate left activity

Walk left circle

Take your phone and walk in a small, left circle.

Rotate right activity

Walk right circle

Then do the same thing in the opposite direction.

Move slowly activity

Move slowly

Make slow movements, similar to Qi Gong exercises.

Shake activity


Shake your phone!

Morning alarm activity

Your choice

Use some, all or none of these activities. You can fully customize your alarm.

So what are you waiting for?

Try out the Fitness Alarm Clock app. Get up and stay fit!