Frequently asked questions

Why did you choose the name "Fitari"?

  • The answer is simply that the name "fit" is in it, and it's one of the few short, good sounding names which weren't already taken. Also, it's a unique name. This way, you can instantly find the Fitness Alarm Clock by searching for "Fitari" on Google Play.

I do have an iPhone. Is there an iOS version?

  • Short answer: No. It would cost me time and money to create one. Maybe I'll make one in the future.

    It's not possible to publish it on the App Store by just uploading the same app there. To make an iOS version, I need to invest in a Mac (to get XCode, the program used to create iOS apps. Using Xamarin doesn't circumvent this requirement), an iPhone (one of the more recent ones to properly test the app) and $100,- per year to keep the app published in the Apple App Store. Of course, I also need to spend a few months of time to develop the app using the Swift programming language, and to test it. Btw, this is the most frequently asked question. If/once I publish it on the App Store, I'll tweet about it here: @FitariApp.

Why does Fitari need permissions?

  • A couple of permissions are required for the app to work properly. Most of them are optional and only requested when necessary. These optional permissions used in the app are:
  • ► STORAGE: To use your own music for an alarm

    ► CAMERA: To use the flashlight alarm, to scan 2d codes

    ► CALL PHONE: Only to call an emergency number if necessary

    ► LOCATION: For ads

Is the app free? Does it have ads?

  • The app is free, proprietary and it does have non-monetized ads. I do have Tappx cross-promo ads in the app. This means that if someone clicks on an ad in Fitari, my app will get advertised in someone elses app (which also uses Tappx ads).

Can I buy an ad-free version of the app?

  • I'll make a Pro version of the app with more features and without ads if there's enough of a demand for it. This is the case once the free version of the app gets a lot of installs.

The alarm didn't go off. What can I do?

  • The app performance may be effected by phone settings or OS updates. To fix these issues, you may try to:

    ► Restart your phone

    ► Clear app data and remake alarms

    ► Make sure notifications are enabled for your alarm clock app

    ► Make sure that you don't have "do not disturb" enabled

    Turn off any "battery optimization" settings for the app

    ► Reboot your phone into safe mode. Go to settings > System > Reset option > Erase app preference. Then try to set an alarm see if it works. Read more

    ► For Google Pixel phones: Disable "flip to shhh"

    ► Some Android versions: Make sure that the alarm volume isn't zero in the phone settings

    ► Check Alarm Tone - maybe your mp3 file was moved or is corrupted. Make sure that it is playable. Usually, Fitari will use its default alarm sound if that's the case.

    ► Other possible issues: Make sure that your phone is turned on and charged (doesn't have a nearly empty battery). Don't keep your earphones plugged into the headphone jack over night. If you use bluetooth headphones, then enable bluetooth on your phone.

    It is always a good idea to test alarms before using the app "live". If you had an issue and solution which wasn't listed here, then you can tell me about it.

What did you use to make it?

  • I used Java in Android Studio when I created the app. If you're interested in developing Android apps, then I'd recommend learning Kotlin since it is officially supported by Google (2017) and also Google's preferred language for Android app development (May 2019).

I don't have Google Play. Where else can I get the app?

Do you mind if I share the app with friends or family?

I'd like to give feedback on the app. Where can I do this?

  • I'm interested in hearing different opinions about the app. Feedback is always welcome.

Where can I find more information about the music used in the app?

  • You can find all information about music, sound and image sources in the credits page of this app and website.

My question isn't listed here. Where can I contact you?